Local matters.

One vote makes a difference. A True Story.

Many thanks to the LWV for getting the word out.

I am running because what we do in our communities has a tremendous impact on our state, and we need to consider this first, rather than wait for answers to be formulated and policies to be instated without voter awareness or consent.

In Oregon, local still matters.

About Me

I am a 40-year-old home educator. I am insightful, creative and ready for the next adventure. Oregon is my home, where you can play tennis, ride your bike, enjoy public access beaches and walk safely across most streets. What I like most is that people are welcome here, people of
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Your Voice

Educational Choice

Student testing at the third grade level is costly, unnecessary and time consuming. Any testing should be performed only by and for school districts, education service districts, teachers and classrooms themselves and should be for the purpose of assessing and improving student learning. These decisions are local ones, not state and federal ones.  Parents should not be required to have
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PERS Reform

Public employees should have the option to opt-out of PERS or to privately invest their funds as they see fit. At the very least, this statewide system should be broken down into subcategories of employees for better management of taxpayer resources to ensure that employees are not dependent upon a failing system and taxpayers are not defrauded. The mismanaged and
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Forest Management

Currently the federal government owns the majority of land in Oregon. Recently it is clear that damage to vast tracts of this land pose a threat to the lives and dwellings of those bordering it. I believe involving youth and entry level workers the opportunity to learn conservationist strategies and earn a living at it would be beneficial for the
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